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The Club

The Club’s lodge sleeps 16 – with one room of 4 beds and 6 rooms of two beds. The living area is warm and welcoming with a stone fireplace and bar between it and the open kitchen. The lodge was modified in around 1980 to satisfy changed fire regulations and since the renewal of the Club’s sub-lease, it has had upgraded maintenance including a paved driveway and parking area.
The main social functions of the Club are its Annual General Meetings and there are working bees scheduled at various times during the year. At present, there is no racing program conducted by the Club.
As well as the winter season, bookings are available and popular in the summer months particular during the school holidays. There is capacity for members to invite visitors subject to availability of accommodation. Membership to the Club requires nomination and seconding by existing members who are well known to the proposed candidate, approval by the board of directors and the purchasing of two shares either from a pre-existing member or from the Club directly.
Preferential members (the founding members) have one non-transferable share. Ordinary members hold two ordinary shares. The Club is constituted as a company limited by guarantee and is a non-profit organisation that operates in the interest of its members, with the liability under the Memorandum and Articles of Association being $500.00 for each ordinary share and a $2.00 liability on each member (both preferential and ordinary members) in the event of a shortfall on winding-up.
There is a board of directors and the articles allow for up to six directors. The two longest serving directors retire at each Annual General Member and may seek re-election without nomination. In essence, this means the term of a director is approximately two years.